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About Leyla


I’m Leyla Dim, a licensed counselor of many years, fellow seeker, and a lady on an adventure to create a meaningful experience

I believe having a felt sense of a meaningful existence is imperative.  We often lose sight of a greater vision in our lives. Sometimes we just need a guide or to quite simply do something different to create a change state and healing process.

I offer many years of experience and knowledge as a licensed therapist. My clinical background includes working in the jails, homeless shelters, and forensic systems back east and providing integrative counseling in my private practice for the past 11 years. I own Phoenix Rising Counseling and am now developing my Biofeedback and Neurotherapy clinic in Cody, WY. Recently the Lokahi Wellness Center was established as a space for healers and teachers.

Having a vast spectrum of experience, knowledge and understanding of spiritual process I am now synthesizing with my clinical foundation to offer unique coaching programs and personal development retreats in the global community. In the Big Horn Basin I have created the Lokahi Wellness Center to offer complementary health services and teachings.

No matter where I go or what it is I am doing in the name of being of service my greatest accomplishment is being mom to two super kids and my tribe of dogs.

I am pleased to be offering the Aloha Lokah Retreats and personal shamanic healing intensives around the Big Island as my newest offerings. Having just completed the first Aloha Lokahi Retreat in September, 2018 I am excited to announce the next two dates for 2019. Join myself and Barb Morgenweck, a certified yoga teacher for a shamanic yoga journey around Hawaii, May 4-10, 2019.

My years as therapist, personal seeker, sha’manic practitioner, mother, adventurer, student and lover of life has prepared me to take my work out of the therapy room and into the land. Bridging cross cultural and dimensional wisdom teachings helps us to look at our own mythology. Collaborating with other unique teachers and local talents offers a truly authentic experience that changes from one retreat to the next. We return home feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and regenerated with wider vision.

I describe myself as a life adventurer- a collector of experiences and travel. A therapist by trade and coach in action.  As a healer and teacher I am honored to be of service in many ways to help others activate, recalibrate and integrate wider vision into their daily experiences. And have A LOT of FUN along the way! Come talk story with me at the next Aloha Lokahi Retreat.

It would be my pleasure to connect with you.  Don't hesitate to reach out.