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The Aloha Lokahi Retreat is  a personal journey of exploration in mind, body and spirit!

join the ohana, experience the lokahi, embody the aloha with a unique and expansive gathering of co-adventurers to activate, re-calibrate, and integrate great vision with a great vacation.

Remember curiosity, wonder and simple joy

Choose the Aloha Lokahi Personal Retreat to begin your Hero’s Journey from the Island to the Mainland.

Learn to grow your own medicine and bring ceremony into your daily life.

Change stories holding you back from the authentic expression of who you are. Leave it in the Valley.

Channel the teachings that allow you to feel, do and be your beacon of light.

Be well fed in Mind, Body, and Spirit.

And…have a lot of FUN while we journey together!

Join Leyla for the Aloha Lokahi Retreat III in Kona, Hawaii; March 7-13, 2020. Come together for another expansive, pampered and rocking adventure on the Big Island of Hawaii. Let me guide you on what I call, Pele’s Medicine Journey around the Island as a unique process of personal exploration and incredible opportunity to see the best Hawaii has to offer.

We will be in sacred space, well fed from the mana of Hawaii in mind, body and spirit. Red Abrahms and his lady Alina are the magicians in the kitchen and tribe. It is truly an experience of the senses. As one prior participant said, “I don’t want to forget Red! He created amazing food. It was like eating in a Five- Star restaurant everyday. Alina, his helper and partner, is awesome. They were so kind and friendly that I kept gravitating to the kitchen to enjoy their vibes.I highly recommend this retreat . It is life changing.”

Come together in teaching, adventure and ceremonial community to traverse the inner and outer planes of the Aina of the Island. Be guided through morning yin yoga sequence that will open you to the day gently, if you choose. From the last retreat, “Barb was a great instructor and the yoga was a great addition to the retreat for sure!

Experience the wisdom and beauty teachings of island with shifting frequency as our compass. We will be honored with another beautiful Sound Healing & Tea Ceremony with Tobi. Guaranteed to move some serious energy for each of us. And, for another sound shifting experience we will be graced with a personal concert at our ohana by Maka Gallagher, local song writer, singer and ukulele musician.

I will be guiding us on daily personal journeys guaranteed to invite you into the experience of Hawaii. We will be swimming, beaching, walking in the valley, shopping, eating and communing as the vibe inspires this ohana. Come back with the Aloha, relaxed and rejuvenated from a fabulous vacation experience with me, your Happiness Facilitator.

Tap into the healing arts and incredible craftsmanship from the local communities around the Island as each retreat experience grows with each gathering. Have a full spectrum, authentic and embodied Hawaiian experience. Be attuned to the true Aloha.

The stories of Pele and her lovers, sisters and creationism offers the mystical curriculum to grow our own medicine. Through the four directions of the medicine wheel we can release old narratives and rewrite our own wisdom stories as we connect with the land and reconnect with Source. And, having a lot of fun as we go, being well fed on all levels.

Let’s traverse around Hawaii in beauty, adventure and fun. Let’s experience a personal change process and incredible vacation. Let’s talk story around the fire.

Bring home teachings to the main land that will change your life. Find the clarity that you’ve been waiting for. Be a part of our growing harmonics of the ohana…shift your frequency!


Now Booking! $1000 deposit to hold your room


Join Us for an all inclusive and transformative experience like none other on the island of Hawaii.

All Inclusive Rates for double occupancy: $3333, total rate for 2 people $2555, single occupancy rate ~Payment plans available~

First come, first serve for 5 available rooms: ~2 deluxe master suites ~1 Queen, 1 Full or 1 w/ Twin beds. (Can offer a deluxe airbed as an additional bed)

**All sales are final--there are no refunds**Final payment due by 12/01/2020 or your room is forfeited. In the case of event being cancelled for lack of enrollment or any other reason the deposit will be refunded.

all- inclusive includes exceptional breakfast, lunch and dinners, provided by our in-house chef,   as well as daily activities, on-site teachings, & guided journeys.


“What can I say about the Aloha Lokahi Retreat? First thing that comes to mind is magical and that's just saying the least. For anyone who is looking to deepen their sense of self and Spirit I highly recommend listening to that voice that's whispering to you that maybe this is for you because I guarantee you will leave better for it is so many ways. 

Leyla is so compassionate and holds a beautiful Sacred space for the group as a whole and individually as well. I cannot thank her enough for her offering of Ceremony and Sanctuary. It was truly a life changing experience and we were "well fed" on so many levels. To this day it's been a gift that has truly kept on giving.” ~Joyce

The Hawaii retreat literally changed my life and was one of the best experiences, I can’t even imagine how my life would be if I wouldn’t have gone bc it has changed so much since the trip. I’m so incredibly thankful for the precious time I had with my soul family. I cherished every moment and still think about how wonderful that time was together. I learned so much about life and myself and the experience I was having and my part in creating that and I accepted and integrated all that information and have totally changed my life with it. 

I’m so thankful and I would highly recommend going if your ready to move forward and leave the past behind. Fair warning though things might come up to be understood by the space, the land and the people are so supportive and provide such a safe place for you to experience that depth, learn what it is really trying to teach you and how it is happening for you and integrate it that same day. I shifted so many things as I was learning each day. Deciding to make the change right then and be my best self. 

Thank you Leyla for everything you did for me and the family. We all appreciate you so much for bringing us together and allowing it all to unfold so gracefully, supporting whatever transforming was ready to be birthed.  ~Katie

I had such a wonderful, amazing, healing and beautiful experience at the Aloha Lokahi retreat with Leyla Dim. From the beautiful setting of Hawaii combined with the gorgeous accommodations of the home we stayed in, along with the delicious gourmet food prepared daily by our lovely chef Red I absolutely felt like I was in paradise. The food was fresh, gourmet and beautifully presented. I really couldn’t have asked for anything more. I was able to relax completely and enjoy every moment and truly be guided through the wisdom shared by Leyla and experience meaningful conversations and create friendships with the rest of the group.  The Group experience definitely added to the whole affect of feeling like I was on a beautiful journey. I felt like the retreat was structured just enough so we had a game plan and things to look forward to doing and at the same time loose enough that I felt like I could really rest and have enough of my own space as well. Also loved doing yoga in the morning before breakfast! All of this contributed to my being able to come back to myself, to remember who I am deep down in my soul, and to remember what direction I want to take in life and to be brave enough to go there. I felt absolute joy and peace the entire retreat. Leyla was the perfect guide for this journey and has this amazing ability to facilitate happiness . Thank you!

Our retreat to the Big Island of Hawaii with Leyla was transformational.  We had such a great time.  Leyla is so fun that our group nicknamed her the "happiness facilitator.” I hadn’t laughed so hard in a long time. She was flexible and adjusted our schedule to what the group wanted to do.  The chef, Red, was phenomenal. We had breakfast, lunch, and dinner served to us; and when we had an excursion, he would pack a delicious lunch.  Leyla knew all the great beaches to take us to in a comfortable van.  Having the pool and hot tub at the beautiful home we stayed in was really nice for a refreshing swim at the end of our days.  It ended up being a therapeutic retreat for everyone as Leyla was able to visit so much with each of us individually.  At Pololu Valley, Leyla performed a ceremony and we threw into the ocean what didn’t serve us anymore; such as, fear, anger, sadness, etcetera.  That was very powerful for me and the effects have lasted and that’s why I say it was a transformational trip. And I loved the new friendships that were formed.  It was a trip I will always remember. ~Barb

I certainly think your goal to activate, recalibrate, and integrate worked on me as I have a wider vision of how I can come out of obscurity, encorporate more of the Hawaiian way of life into my presence. (Like you told me one morning on the steps uni leha (with much love) as well as joy in the moment by being more kind with tenderness, more unified and in harmony, more agreeable as our guest visitor explained to be expressed with pleasantness, more humble expressed with modesty and more patient with perserverance! I am so grateful I got to have this experience!!!!Thank you for making it possible and for your ongoing, full-time counseling all of us on a one-on-one basis as the need arose as well as mentoring us at each meal and whilst traveling. You made the experience so fun because you are a fun-loving person who has the gift to care and to express it.  Your genuine interest in us as individuals was a highlight of my memories  as well as the wonderful experience getting to and being at Pololu Valley. Oh, I must not forget to say the food prepared by chef Red and assisted by his sweet Aleena could not have been better!  Superb! Athough I do not see myself as adventure some as you, I too, love life and learning and my life now has even more meaning and purpose because of the time spent with you and all present at the retreat.  ~Marion

The Aloha Lokahi retreat was one of the best experiences of my life, the accommodation were so amazing and comfortable just like being at home but in Hawaii!! I loved waking up in the morning and doing yoga it was such an amazing feeling and just in the week doing yoga my body started to respond and feel better.  Barb was a great instructor and the yoga was a great addition to the retreat for sure! I made new friends and reconnected with a very dear friend and believe I was changed forever.

Leyla was so great, she made time for each and everyone of us and was truly an audacious person to get to know. My experience was so powerful that it made coming home a challenge, yet I know that what I received from this retreat is helping me see what I need to change in my life and reach for a life of amazing abundance that I can create! Mahalo Leyla!!! I am definitely going again!! ~Bernadette

Leyla’s has an ability to connect with you and offer one on one time if needed. She is able to help you to open yourself up to insights about yourself and the infinite possibilities that await you if you let them. When I arrived, I was full of stress. Hair falling out, forgetting everything, aches and pains. After the retreat I was calm and stress-free. I am able to enjoy life again for the first time in ages. Now when I get thrown a curve ball, I just shrug my shoulders and figure out a solution, with a smile on my face.

This was my 3rd trip to the island. Leyla took us to places I never knew existed. Her knowledge of the island and what it has to offer is amazing.

I don’t want to forget Red! He cooked the amazing food. It was like eating in a Five- Star restaurant everyday and Alina, his helper, is awesome. They were so kind and friendly that I kept gravitating to the kitchen to enjoy their vibes.

I highly recommend this retreat . It is life changing. ~Sandra

Meet Your Leader

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Activate. Recalibrate.


Join me at the Aloha Lokahi Retreat for a healing journey around the Big Island through the stories of Pele and wisdom of the Hawaiian traditions. With my background in therapeutic recreation, years as a psychotherapist, training in shamanic and indigenous practice, and love of adventures in Hawaii I am the perfect guide for you on the Big Island!

I bring the Aloha into the Ohana with the mana of the local folks and what they have to offer in teaching us haole (non-native) the true culture through the healing arts, artisan work, or wisdom teachers. Being able to bring cross cultural healers and teachers to the Aloha Lokahi is one of the most important reasons I’m inspired to call forth and grow the Ohana in Kona, Hawaii. Just as Hawaii was called forth by Pele’s crosswinds from Tahiti to birth the Hawaiian Islands I wish to be your guide in your own crosswinds on the Island.



Join Leyla for the Aloha Lokahi Retreat in Kona, HI.  We are deeply honored to come together and co-create an experience that will be open, curious and receptive to your journey.  We will utilize this adventure to "talk story" the way Hawaiians do to activate your highest potential. regenerate and release old stories, activate new potential, create big vision.