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The Aloha Lokahi Retreat is  a personal journey of exploration in mind, body and spirit!

join the ohana, experience the lokahi, embody the aloha with a unique and expansive gathering of co-adventurers to activate, re-calibrate, and co-create great vision.

Choose the path calling you to the Hero’s Journey of this lifetime.

Create the experience your heart and soul yearns for to dream your vision into this reality.

Change old and outdated stories holding you back from the authentic expression of who you are.

Channel the teachings that serve the light of who you are and highest good.

Be well fed in Mind, Body, and Spirit.

Join Leyla and her fabulous ayurvedic yoga teacher, Barb Morgenweck, for the Aloha Lokahi Retreat II in Kona, Hawaii May 4-10, 2019. Come together for an expansive adventure on the Big Island of Hawaii. We will be in sacred space from beginning to end at the Ohana Retreat Center in Kona, Hawaii. Come together in teaching community to traverse the outer planes around Hawaii in healing ceremony. Journey on the inner planes when we channel the light and love that shifts our personal frequency. Experience the true mana of Pele and her beauty and bring home the true aloha. Enjoy the all inclusive accommodations at the Ohana.

Gather around the fire for wisdom teachings grounded in the rich lore of the Hawaiians and connected across many cultures. Open the channels to receive divine instruction throughout many dimensions. Cultivate great vision with personal land ceremonies. Co-create your new frequency to bring the sacred Aloha back home with you.

Leyla guides Pele’s Medicine Journey around the Island as a unique process of personal exploration and incredible opportunity to see the best Hawaii has to offer.  The calling is out for many other gifted and talented teachers to show up from all over the world to bring forth multi-cultural wisdom teachings. We will have the privilege of the wisdom teachings of Jorge Delgado in September 2019 at the Ohana for the Aloha Lokahi Retreat III. Tap into the healing arts and incredible craftsmanship from the local communities around the Island as each retreat experience grows in choices. Have a full spectrum and embodied Hawaiian experience.

Join me for a guided mystical adventure around for Pele’s Medicine Journey on the Big Island.  I will be your personal guide on the land of Aloha to create the experience in your life you’ve only dreamed of. The stories of Pele and her lovers, sisters and creationism offers the curriculum to grow our own medicine. Through the four directions of the medicine wheel we will release old narratives, experience regeneration, honor the lineage and rise above with discernment. Let me be your guide around Hawaii in story and beauty. Let’s experience a personal change process and incredible vacation. Let’s talk story around the fire.

Bring home teachings to the main land that will change your life. Find the clarity that you’ve been waiting for. Be a part of our growing ohana and change your frequency.


Now Booking! THE ALOHA LOKAHI RETREAT May 4-10, 2019. Join Us for an all inclusive transformative experience like no other.

**All sales are final--there are no refunds**

all- inclusive includes exceptional breakfast, lunch and ceremonial dinners, provided by our in-house chef,   as well as daily activities, on-site teachings, & guided journeys.

Meet Your Leader

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Activate. Recalibrate.


Join me at the Aloha Lokahi Retreat for a healing journey around the Big Island through the stories of Pele and wisdom of the Hawaiian traditions. With my background in therapeutic recreation, years as a psychotherapist, training in shamanic and indigenous practice, and love of adventures in Hawaii I am the perfect guide for you on the Big Island!

I bring the Aloha into the Ohana with the mana of the local folks and what they have to offer in teaching us haole (non-native) the true culture through the healing arts, artisan work, or wisdom teachers. Being able to bring cross cultural healers and teachers to the Aloha Lokahi is one of the most important reasons I’m inspired to call forth and grow the Ohana in Kona, Hawaii. Just as Hawaii was called forth by Pele’s crosswinds from Tahiti to birth the Hawaiian Islands I wish to be your guide in your own crosswinds on the Island.


Join Leyla for the Aloha Lokahi Retreat in Kona, HI.  We are deeply honored to come together and co-create an experience that will be open, curious and receptive to your journey.  We will utilize this adventure to "talk story" the way Hawaiians do to activate your highest potential. regenerate and release old stories, activate new potential, create big vision.