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Grow Your own medicine

The South American Medicine Wheel is the framework I use for Pele’s Medicine Journey around the Big Island. I am now bringing forth the Grow Your Own Medicine journey to Peru. In collaboration with fellow teachers and guides we will help you have a transformational adventure through Peru and back to Source & Self.

I have always resonated with the South American Medicine Wheel as a personal growth process. It is a  bridge to deeper psychological understanding of one's self, Source and calling.

Create the ability to bring forth great personal vision and intentional consciousness through story and adventure. This is the backdrop to our journey around the beauty and stories of Hawaii and Peru as we grow our own “medicine.” We plant seeds of clear vision and intention for you to bring back the true aloha-lokahi to the mainland.

I always embody the Aloha in all cultures!

Join Leyla & John on a journey trough peru and back to source.

September 13-26, 2020/ Fall equinox

Eventually one gets to the Medicine Wheel to fulfill one's life

In Peru the bridge person is the chacaruna, one who helps bridge different dimensions and consciousness on behalf of others. In most indigenous cultures the shaman is one who tracks the story, illness or soul map on the mythic level and heals it on the energetic.  

As you make the journey around your medicine wheel you create your energetic healing process. We track the story and energy in the mythic realm of the four directions. Your healing is on the energetic level. An embodiment experience around Hawaii to bring home the true mana.  Activate, recalibrate, and integrate as you make your way around Pele’s Medicine Wheel and Grow Your Own Medicine around Peru.

South -Release....that which no longer serves you.Rewrite narratives & stories, clear past energetic imprints

West -Regenerate...your energetic imprints. What's stalking you? Find the light & strength of who you are

North you carry of  the ancestors. What generational imprints may not be yours now?

East create great vision.What are great mountains you only dare to dream of?

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