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Welcome to my Cody, Wyoming private practice and Lokahi Wellness Center!

My focus is integrative, mind-body therapies with a growing specialty in neurotherapy and biofeedback. For the last 7 years LENS neurofeedback has shown that it’s highly effective for treatment of many physiological and neurological symptoms. In combination with my years as a psychotherapist we can address the emotional issues as well. Being able to provide a comprehensive treatment approach has helped many in the Cody area function better.

Recent additions to my neurotherapy practice includes qEEG Brain Mapping, Z-Score Neurofeedback , Neurofield PEMF therapies, and Bioresonance Pulsed EMF Therapy. We collaboratively develop a treatment plan to address issues and symptoms that may be chronic and impact daily functioning. Your therapeutic process can move quicker and be more effective if you’re central nervous system is more regulated.

I can help you create an alternative plan of action that may address the chronic symptoms related anxiety, trauma, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, grief, depression and whatever else life might throwing your way. Let’s work together to find effective strategies to create the experience you want in your everyday life.

Let’ s help you activate full potential to get recalibrated into a better feeling frequency. Find the most effective ways to integrate more effective and sustainable strategies into your daily life. I can help you be and feel the best you can, to be the best in your best life.

As always I do offer some individual and couples psychotherapy services, with limited availability. It is advisable to request to be added to my wait-list for psychotherapy services way in advance. I am streamlining into more of a coaching model and will be prioritizing coaching packages as my online services expand as well.

To book a session in the Frequency Therapy Room, schedule a consultation to see how I can help you, or begin your Brain Mapping process with your inventories by clicking the link:


Participate joyfully in the sorrows of the world. We cannot cure the world of sorrows, but we can choose to live in joy.
— Joseph Campbell

Are you ready to do something different?

Let’s help your brain and nervous system regulate itself better with the LENS Neurofeedback System, HRV Biofeedback or PEMF Bioresonance technology. Incredible complementary treatment options for anxiety, depression, fibromyalgia, trauma, chronic pain, and anything nervous system based. I offer unique and structured treatment plans that will help you function and feel better sooner.

Now offering qEEG , Brain Mapping for complete Neurotherapy services. Schedule a consultation and see how Quantitative EEG technology can identify your specific brain wave patterns and assess how your brain is functioning. Let’s talk about treatment options for old concussions, traumas, developmental issues and many other symptoms. Discover the latest treatments in neurofeedback and neurostimulation therapies.


Low Energy Neurofeedback System

…is like a restart button, unlocking your brain for optimal functioning

Neuroscientists have discovered that physical brain structures change over time. Because of this neuroplasticity, we don’t have to be stuck with old neural pathways which once defended against trauma or stress. The Low Energy Neurofeedback System (LENS) helps our brain be more flexible by safely addressing the brain in its own electromagnetic language. The LENS encourages the nervous system to function better which shows up as improved sleep, energy, focus, memory, mood and overall functioning.


Out of all my systems the LENS, Low Energy Neurofeedback System, is my go to, everytime. Over the the years I have seen incredible results and response from the LENS. In combination with other treatment modalities often people get better, quicker.

The LENS is a specific kind of Neurofeedback that operates much more rapidly than traditional Neurofeedback and has qualitites that make it much easier to use with people who can’t sit still. With the LENS, the client doesn’t need to “do” anything, and there is nothing to learn. The typical session with the LENS lasts 3-4 minutes. This means that the LENS works well for people who either cannot or will not pay attention to a computer screen for longer time periods. Additionally, the LENS works much faster than traditional Neurofeedback with the number of sessions ranging from as few as 1 to an overall average number of 20 sessions.

How does the LENS work?

We apply sensors to the scalp to listen in on brainwave activity. We process the signal bycomputer, and extract information about certain key brainwave frequencies.  Through a patented process, we then bring this information back to the client down the sensor wires to the person’s skin.  The results are reduction and/or elimination of the symptoms which previously interfered with the client’s quality of life.  The sessions are brief (usually 3-5 minutes), gentle (usually the client feels nothing during the session), and the changes are lasting with some exceptions.

 The LENS works well with problems of the Central Nervous System, which can be numerous. These include symptoms of

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  • Anxiety-depression spectrum

  • Attention deficit

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Autism

  • Sleep disorders

  • Headaches and migranes

  • PTSD

  • And other central nervous system related issues.

Now offering a structured 6 Month Anxiety Treatment Program:

  • Anxiety assessment to develop structured strategies based on the identified anxiety subtype: top down or bottom up.

  • Weekly LENS neurofeedback sessions with myself or a technician.

  • Ten sessions of either the Frequency Therapy room or HeartMath biofeedback, as determined by the treatment plan.

  • One monthly 60 minute psychotherapy and strategy session.

    contact me for details and package cost

Do the results of LENS last?

If the problem being addressed is one of brain dysregulation, then the answer is yes, and that covers a lot of ground. Neurofeedback involves new learning by the brain and if that brings order out of disorder, the brain will continue to use its new capabilities, and thus reinforce them. It addresses the issues at the central nervous system level and offers potential healing, not just symptom management.

Issues such as anxiety and old brain injury related symptoms respond quickly to the LENS. The central nervous system shifts in response to a more efficiently running brain and system. Often people continue to sleep well, have diminished headaches, feel less anxious, for the long run once done with neurofeedback. Often we’re surprised to find out what it feels like to function well again, not realizing how “unwell” we might have been.

At times there are unknown issues such as heavy metal toxicity, allergies, viral infections or other issues that LENS may not be effective. Longer, and more varied, neurotherapy services may be needed in some cases of more “organic” issues; such as, autism, cerebral palsy, cognitive decline, and other concerns. And it may also be that some direct medical help may be the best course of action. My hope is to help people get the best and most appropriate treatment for they need in the long run.


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